Platos contributions essay

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The contributions of Plato to the western civilization and philosophy Essay Sample

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Platos Contributions

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What is suspected is done as a response to a particular generated by that socio-cultural-historical ability. Plato’s Contributions It is believed that Plato, a student of Socrates, was one of the greatest contributors of philosophy. Proof of Plato's notoriety in the world of philosophy can be clearly seen with his dialogues and his renowned student Aristotle.

Metaphysics:Plato's greatest contribution to modern society is found in his theories relating to metaphysics.

These is now referred to as Platonism (or Exaggerated Realism). this was a pretty good essay. i liked how the ideas were presented and it helped me a lot when i studied. thank you for posting and keep up the good work.5/5(1). Plato had grown close to Socrates and his teachings; this close connection was a cause to Plato’s finalizing opinions of Democracy.

In BCE Socrates was executed by the newly leading Democratic leaders of Athens, and was voted by. More about Plato's life and contributions to society. What is known about his past, and how he enhanced the world around him. Joseph Haydn and His Contributions to the Musical World Essay.

While Plato is best known for his work The Republic, his larger contribution to philosophy includes many such “dialogues” that are of ancient thought and debate. Plato’s knowledge and theories have survived throughout the ages and are still relevant in today’s society.

Plato was greatly critical of the Democratic government in which he lived. This is not surprising, perhaps, since, under a democratic system, his .

Platos contributions essay
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