F103 essay

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Chemistry Science Foundation Year

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Political Science Honours

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Develop practical and theoretical skills across all areas of chemistry, leading to a broad range of chemical and non-chemical careers.

As a chemist, you can move seamlessly between areas such as forensics, drug development and nanotechnology. The following essay does not attempt to fault Lunan’s astronomical knowledge, his scientific expertise or his speculative enthusiasm. It draws attention to failings in his historical research and the conclusions he draws about the fate of the green girl, whom he identifies – on evidence that is very questionable, and vanishes as soon as it.

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Students complete a minimum of 60 upper division units at least 48 of which must be Political Science units, including POL (5) Honours Seminar and POL (5) Honours Essay. An additional 8 of these 48 units must be at the level.

Chemistry is often referred to as the 'central science'. It covers topics as diverse as quantum mechanics and the study of atomic particles, to the molecular nature of .

F103 essay
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