Basic terminologies in food preparation essay

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Identifying new welfare schemes 3.

Outline of food preparation

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Cooking and Preparation Terms Glossary

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The process is likely until the entire mixture reaches degrees for semisweet cotton, degrees for milk or white chocolate. Fernandez and Edilberto N. Following is the answer key for the recently conducted General Studies Paper – 1 (Set – C) of the UPSC civil services preliminary exam. We have tried to provide best possible explanation for each question based on various authentic sources.

Smoking tends to dry the food, kills bacteria, deepens color and gives food a smoky flavor. The duration of smoking varies from 20 minutes to several days. The most commonly used woods are beech, oak and chestnut to which aromatic essences are often added.

Good food is a basic need of human body. It is of prime importance in the attainment of normal growth and development. The role of nutrition food cannot be neglect­ed in the promotion of health and prevention of disease.

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Jan 08,  · Baking is to cook food using dry heat, usually inside a gas or electric oven. Solar and camp ovens can also bake food. Solar and camp ovens can also bake food.

Foods commonly baked include casseroles, cakes, and cookies%(15).

Basic terminologies in food preparation essay
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